Our Methodology

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Through our methodology, we develop solutions that are tailored to the needs of your business.

We take into account several factors, such as, your business environment, your business goals, your current state, your long-term vision and more. How do each of our three phases work?


TOUGHLOVE understands your needs and analyses the areas of improvement that limit the growth of your business. Every project starts with a fact-finding mission to identify the needs, gaps and opportunities. Comprising a strategic data review, deep listening interviews and TOUGHLOVE audit to deliver a comprehensive Diagnostic Report.


TOUGHLOVE partners with you to jointly develop an actionable strategic roadmap. We do this using workshops, design thinking, 1:1 creation, and shadowing. You are the expert of your industry and your customers. We are practitioners and experts in our domains. We do not tell you what to do. We co-create the Strategic Roadmap with you, in a way that is practical and tailored to your needs.


TOUGHLOVE closes the loop with high quality execution of solutions. This could entail interim placement, programme management or ongoing advisory. We ensure project delivery and KPI based results. We work with our network of advisors or with your teams, on a need basis, to ensure that the delivery fully meets the intent of the Co-Creation phase.

TOUGHLOVE is forthright, responsible, and candid. We are committed to growing your business.